Giacinto CALANDRUCCI - 1646 - 1707
Putti in the Sky Holding the Cloth of Christ
Roman School

Pen and brown ink, brown and grey wash
Over black chalk

20.4 X 28.7 cm

Watermark :

Euro :

Double Circle with an A above



Although Giacinto Calandrucci was born in Palermo in 1646 and died in Palermo in 1707, he was active mainly in Rome, where he is considered to be one of the important Baroque artists. His studies initiated with Pietro del Po and Andrea Carreca in Palermo and continued in Rome with Carlo Maratta whose major pupil and follower he became. In Rome he decorated the churches of Santa Cecilia, Santa Maria in Campitelli, Santa Maria dell'Orto, Santa Maria del Suffragio, San Bonaventura, San Paolino della Regola, Sant’Antonio dei Portoghesi and San Lorenzo. His works are also to be found in Palazzo Lante, Palazzo Muti-Papazzurri, Palazzo Strozzi-Besso and the papal villa Falconieri at Frascati. Giacinto Calandrucci returned to Palermo in 1703 where he worked on the oratorio di San Lorenzo and the church of San Salvatore.

The present drawing is a complete worked out preparatory drawing for the ceiling fresco for the Cappella del Crocefisso, the right side of the church of S. Maria dell’ Orto, in Rome, which is dated to about 1700. A detailed preparatory study for the present drawing is kept in the Kunstmuseum of Düsseldorf (inv.FP10787) showing “Various Anatomical Studies of a Putto”. Clearly visible is the hand holding the pliers outstretched into the air and the upper and lower body of the putto on the left side holding the cloth of Christ. The Düsseldorf drawing belongs to a group of drawings by Giacinto Calandrucci which are associated with this project in the Santa Maria dell-Orto. The final fresco remains true to the present drawing, only the putto on the far left has been changed into holding a hammer in his right hand, instead of the pliers in his left hand.

Comparative pen and ink drawings by Giacinto Calandrucci, which have a respective chalk drawing are the “Two Putti seated in the Clouds within an Architectural frame”, the “Three Putti Seated in the Clouds within an Architectural frame” and the “Various Studies of Flying Putti” all kept in the Düsseldorf Kunstmuseum (inv.nos.FP.14152, FP.11680, FP.10439). These three drawing are associated with the Capella in S. Elia in S. Maria in Traspontina in Rome which is dated to about 1690, therefore confirming again the dating of the present drawing.


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